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We offer kids dance classes and dance classes for adults. Extensions Performing Arts Academy has been servicing the entire Antelope Valley since 1995. We are located at 2765 West Avenue L Lancaster, CA 93536 in the Stater Bros. Shopping Center. We offer Ballet classes, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Pointe, Contemporary and so much more!  We start kids at age 2 and we go through to adult. Keep scrolling down for more information. Our phone number is very easy to remember, just dial 661-7-2DANCE that’s 661-723-2623 Thank you for stopping by!



Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Stretch/Conditioning, Mini's & Performing Co.


Hip Hop & Performing Co


Technique, Stretch and Conditioning and ZUMBA Fitness


Hip Hop & Performing Co




Jazz, Technique, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Demi's, Mini's & Performing Co.


Jazz, Ballet & Tap


Acro, Improv, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Performing Co.


Hip Hop, Improv & Performing Co.


Technique, Tap & Performing Co.


Demi's & Mini's


Contemporary & Stretch/Conditioning

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Studio Programs

Interested in a specific style of dance? We have Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and so much more to chose from! Take a moment to look at our Program to see what is the best fit for you!

Demi/Mini Program

Specifically designed for students ages 2 to 6 years of age.

Demi's: This is an introductory class containing ballet and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic ballet steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement and gross motor skill development games in a positive and fun environment. Engaging music is used to get these little ones inspired to dance.

Mini's: This beginner level class will cover the proper placement of body position, posture, terminology and class behavior. This class is designed to provide young dancers an introduction into the fundamentals of tap dance. Early exposure to the rhythms and unique mind-to-foot connection associated with tap dance will allow students to progress and excel at the art as they move through life. The goal is to prepare these young dancers to move on into higher levels of ballet and tap classes.

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Contemporary Program

Contemporary dance uses aspects of Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance to create an emotional connection to the lyrics of music.  An extremely expressive form of dance, Contemporary involves movement that is technical, but also pedestrian and relatable; strong, but also delicate and interpretive.  A solid technical background in Ballet and Jazz is important when choosing to begin Contemporary training, as most of the curriculum focuses on feeling, spirit and the interpretation of music.

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Jazz & Technique Program

Our Jazz curriculum is based on the classical Jazz dance technique, with influences incorporated from modern Jazz and Broadway styles. The Jazz program focuses on flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed, and strong movement, preparing students for a lifetime of dancing. We follow the class format of building strength, balance and extension through isolations, rhythmic exercises, floor stretches, across the floor patterns, and dance combinations. The class format remains the same through the different levels, while the movements continue to increase in complexity as students grow technically and physically. Strong stage presence and performance are also strongly emphasized in the Jazz curriculum.

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Ballet & Pointe Program

Each ballet level progressively builds on the strength and technique of the prior ballet level as dancer’s increase their experience and skill, and continue to develop as confident and capable dancers. The ballet barre combinations learned at the early levels require a high level of concentration and good memory; in the center, the dancers will build strength and work on their coordination and musicality.  At the upper levels, dancers are expected to reach a very good level of independent work. They are expected to be self-motivated and to demonstrate desire and determination for self-perfection. The technique class moves at a much faster pace than the previous levels.

The technique for girls of performing ballet movements en pointe creates an impression of airiness and fleetness. Pointe work is undertaken when the student has learned basic technique and when her legs and feet are sufficiently developed, usually after three years in technique classes. Girls are then required to wear pointe shoes for all classes in the Intermediate and Advanced divisions in support of Balanchine’s goal for dancers to move quickly and effortlessly en pointe.

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Hip-Hop Program

Hip Hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Hip hop dancing is very dynamic and helps the dancers improve flexibility develop body balance, and coordination.

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Tap Program

Tap training helps to increase leg and core strength, musicality and rhythm, and showmanship. Tap class is a fun and exciting way to explore dance movement and learn basic through advanced steps. It also helps to improve coordination and teamwork skills. Tap dancing is a great compliment to any dancer wishing to perform in musicals or play a musical instrument because of its important concentration on musicality and rhythm. Tap dancing helps students to find their inner performer and challenges the student to open up and become a versatile performer. Tap dancing focuses on learning complex patterns of foot movement, changes in tempo and different methods of weight transfer while dancing in order to produce a certain sound or look that accompanies the type of choreography or steps that the students are working on in class.

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Fitness Program

Dance is one of the most physically demanding activities a person can do. If you’re spending several hours every day taking class, rehearsing and performing, it’s important that you are physically fit so that your body can safely perform the physical demands you ask of it, and with the least risk of possible injury. Our Fitness Program addresses these needs and by helping dancers get and stay in shape.

Beginning Acro: A tumbling based class that focuses on tricks on the mat. Dancers will develop flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, body-awareness and self-discipline. Beginning Acro focuses on teaching proper and safe technique of skills such as backbends, cartwheels, front and back walkover, as well as many other tricks and skills.

Jr. Stretch & Conditioning: Stretch class complements the training of the dance student. In this class, students will increase their understanding of their anatomy and dance alignment while increasing flexibility and strengthening their core, fee, turnout muscles, legs, back, and upper body posture. Students will focus on learning how to stretch correctly by releasing overall tension, releasing muscle tension, and relaxing the mind, while defining specific muscles groups.

Teen, Senior Stretch & Conditioning: A stretch and conditioning class for focusing on core strength development through low-impact exercise, designed to tone up the body. Incorporates the use of lightweights, stretching, and across-the-floor work.  Classes are easy to follow and held in a comfortable, non-competitive environment.

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Performing Company

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    $105 (Regular & Auto-Pay)

Unlimited Class

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  • UNLIMITED CLASSES per student or family (3 or less)
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Our classes are set up by different age divisions. The advanced level classes are at the discretion of the teacher.


Little Demi- Ages 2-3 Years

Demi- Ages 3-4 Years

Mini- Ages 5-6 Years

Junior- Ages 7-10 Years

Teen- Ages 11-14 Years

Senior- Ages 15 & Up


Level 1: Beginner. For the dance who is just starting to explore dance.

Level 2: Intermediate. For dances with at least a year of experience in that certain style of dance.

Level 3/4: Advanced. For Dancers who have taken classes in a specific style and is proficient in that style. Usually, trained more than 2 years in that style.

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